Wednesday Rewind: Aladdin by @destroytheearth

Robin Williams catches a lot of flack nowadays, and deservedly so, but there was one role that he downright made: the genie in Aladdin.

Williams ad-libbed much of his dialogue, particularly the opening introduction, and, to this day, he is what most people remember the film for; and, of course, a lot of people remember the picture fondly. Still, revisiting it as an adult truly makes you appreciate how wonderful it is.

The animation is staggering in the way that Disney just doesn't do anymore; Pixar looks just functional compared to the artistry at work here. Even the proto-CGI Cave of Wonders is memorably impressive. Elsewhere the feel and look of the film is something that, once seen, is never forgotten.

As to the plot, it remains involving and exciting. Yes, there's no way the things you found appealing as a kid are going to impress as much as an adult, but there's more at work here than nostalgia. You'll laugh again when you should laugh and you'll cheer again when Jafar gets his comeuppance.

Speaking of which, the bearded one has to be Disney's best villain: cruel, powerful, humorous, menacing and yet, somehow, sympathetic. We can only morn the fact that Patrick Stewart passed up the chance to play him, much as we must respect Jonathan Freeman's turn.

What will stay with you most of all are the songs: Arabian Nights, One Jump Ahead, Never Had A Friend Like Me, even A Whole New World, despite being brutalised by reality TV, soft-porn stars, is still violated on such a regular basis for a reason: it's a great track. The songs are the one thing that the golden tinge of hindsight cannot improve and time cannot dull.

Excitement, humour, romance, fantasy and if you think this is a film just for kids, remember all the references to decapitation and the fact that Jafar tries to make the princess his sex slave; this may well be the perfect movie. It is definitely time you picked up a cheap copy and relived your youth.

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