About the blog

B-movies, the final frontier. These are the adventures of The Commander and Gort aboard the starship Mothership. Its ongoing mission: to explore old scifi films, to seek out terrible effects and awful actors, to boldly go where no cinephile has gone before...

Commander Sheppard of the Galactic Alliance military was sent to Earth to assess the risk its cinema posed to the artistic integrity of the galaxy. Finding nothing but bland, boring Hollywood movies, the Commander nearly ordered the planet destroyed before discovering the magnificent insanity of the scifi B-movie.

Teamed with Gort, an android made from a flexible metal alloy that he insists is not rubber (anyone who says otherwise will be disintegrated), the Commander now reports back to the Galactic Alliance from the Mothership II in orbit of Earth, defending the rights of B-movies to have awful acting, rubbish special effects and woeful plotting; to throw feces at cinema screens in the meager hope that something will stick, because when it does, those movies will be the ones that took risks and reaped the rewards.

Gort is continually threatening to turn himself into a giant swarm of insects and disintegrate the Earth, but this has been dismissed as a "ridiculous megalomaniacal delusion" by the Commander (though never within Gort's earshot). If the two can get on for long enough, they may just save cinema as we know it.

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