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The Day Hollywood Stood Still couldn't function without the help of our beloved film publicity companies... Well, we could, but we're completely without conscience when it comes to selling out and will say anything to get more screeners...

We're more than happy to run advertorials, competitions, review preview copies, attend screenings, publicise news and arrange interviews. This will, of course, be subject to availability of writers, relevance to our readers and the blog's integrity, such as it is.

Our interest

Generally speaking, we are interested in reviewing DVD releases of low-budget or cult films, particularly in the science fiction genre. We always try to find the positives in our reviews, but also provide an honest critique.


The same concept goes for advertorials - we are happy to publish them, but they will be run as such and our readers will be advised that is what they are.


To discuss working together, add us to your mailing list or offer review discs, email:

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