Jim Moon

Admiral Jimothy Moon is a highly-decorated officer of the Galactic Alliance. After several five-year missions exploring the low-budget movies of numerous worlds, he was chosen to command this sector of the galaxy.

Admiral Moon's specialisation as a Commander was in the field or horror, giving him a great understanding of magic and the occult. Many cycles ago he used this knowledge to ascend to energy-based form and now appears as a giant, floating head, existing in many planes of existence at once.

You can view his mission reports and hear his log entry recordings at the Hypnogoria blog or follow him on Twitter @Hypnogoria.

Helen Cox

After qualifying for her MA in Creative Writing, Helen Cox came to London to start a career in film journalism. Since then, she's contributed regularly to Guardian FilmDen of GeekLost In The MultiplexFlick Feast and Geek Planet Online. She now edits the excellent New Empress magazine, writes her own blog and has published a book entitled: True Love is Like the Loch Ness Monster and Other Lessons I Learnt From Film.

Her love of terrible movies, particularly Grease 2, brought her to the attention of Gort and the two became an unexpected item. Her regular visits to the mothership often required The Commander to don headphones and listen to film soundtracks very, very loudly.

You can catch Helen's work @newempress on Twitter, or follow her own account @helenography.

Gavin Johnson

Gavin Johnson is a mild-mannered web designer by day, but at night he dons a Batman onesy and becomes Cartoonist Man! Hence the reason he does not sleep.

He once drew a poster spoofing The Day The Earth Stood Still. He chuckled to himself, but was startled by a crashing sound from his bedroom. He investigated and found Gort standing in the remains of his boudoir. Gav fully expected to be disintegrated, but without pause, Gort walked to Gavin's bed, laid down and muttered: "Draw me like one of your French girls." After that, Gav began designing banners for the blog.

Gav's web comic, Meet The Newmans, is soon to become a cartoon series and you can keep track of its progress through its website. You can also find Gav on Twitter @Gavin_J.

Chris Johnson

If you should ever be stuck unable to see an obscure film, if no-one else can help and if you can find him, you could hire, Chris Johnson.

No relation to Gavin, Chris leads expeditions into the vast, labyrinthine library of YouTube, returning with full-length versions of forgotten films for the Mothership's library. The talented fella also designed the backdrop to the Commander's log.

You can contact him through Twitter @spaceman300, and you can listen to his co-podcasting project with Admiral Moon at Witless For The Defence.