Friday Feature: The 10 Best Plants In Film by @V_for_vienetta

It goes without saying that Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors is the baddest plant out there (not saying much, but...).

However, you may be surprised to learn that he is not the only awesome foliage to have graced cinema screens. Hit the jump to read about the others.


Adele’s handbag cacti, Lucy, is good for nothing but raising the ire of her psychopathic, red-neck boyfriend, and makes reaching in for her change purse a perilous and prickly affair.

The Karate Kid Part III

Brought all the way from Okinawa by Mr. Miyagi and hidden halfway down the cliffs of The Devil’s Cauldron, this “one true bonsai” gets uprooted by dopey Daniel-san, before being predictably smashed by a bully. Mr. Miyagi manages to mend it, proving that it’s a tough, little tree/metaphor.

Hot Fuzz

A Japanese Peace Lily will help you think, oxygenate the room, make a great Birthday present and come in handy for knocking out any unexpected, angry, giant simpletons. If you’re off the funking chain. Roy.

Leon (The Professional for those in the US of A)

Leon loves his houseplant. Until the arrival of Mathilda, it’s his best friend. It goes from giving him something to nurture at the beginning of the film to becoming an embodiment of his spirit by the end.

Silent Running

The last remaining plant life on earth resides in a dome aboard the spaceship Valley Forge. It is fervently maintained by lovable drone’s Huey, Dewey, Louie and potty botanist Lowell. Lowell’s Titchmarsh-ian knowledge is a little open to scrutiny, seeing as he manages to forget that plants need sunlight to photosynthesise. Nod off in Year 7 GCSE Science, did we?

Dr Terror’s House of Horrors

This fast-growing, canine-killing creeper can spring up in your garden while you’re on holiday. It really doesn’t appreciate pruning and, while initially resistant to the best efforts of the Ministry of Defence, it turns out all you really need is Bernard Lee with a flaming newspaper.

The Thing

No, that’s NOT a bit of a stretch just because a) I wanted a nice round 10 and b) any excuse for a bit of The Thing. In that one shot it’s a flower… Aaaaaaanyway, to avoid assimilation, try not to dig up any arctic flying saucers or pet the pooches of any crazy Swedes*.

The Ruins

These villainous vines are better at impressions than that dude from Police Academy. Steer very clear, or they’ll get under your skin and next thing you know, your friends’ll be smashing your leg off with a rock.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

The Elemental Forest God is a typically beautifully designed Del Toro beastie. This rampaging, moss monster goes from stereotypical city-trashing, pandemonium-causing behemoth to heart-wrenching, guilt-trip inducer in less than 60 seconds and a single round from the Big Baby.

Flash Gordon

Native to the forest kingdom of Arboria, this vicious tree-trunk dweller is used by the second-best Bond (What about Brosnan? - Ed) for Arborian Roulette. It has a particularly nasty stinger and a penchant for Blue Peter presenters.

*Sorry, Norwegians

Got any more good ones? Add them to the comments below.


  1. RE: Brosnan. He's only any good in Goldeneye. Dalton is hardcore.

  2. The Day Of The Triffids!!! How could you miss that one! :)

  3. RE: Triffids. Yep, but TV show, not a fillum :P

  4. No Sam Bell from *Moon*???