Alternative Xmas Movies

Christmas is a time for movies; however, if the thought of sitting through The Santa Clause, Miracle On 34th Street and The Snowman gives you chills, then we have the perfect solution:

Hit the jump for our list of the best alternative Christmas movies...

Die Hard

It's Christmasy, but all about blowing up terrorists. Yippee ki yay.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

A film that is equally as appropriate at Halloween as it is at Christmas, Tim Burton's claymation musical extravaganza tells the story of what happens when the Pumpkin King of Halloween decides he wants to take over from Santa.


This rock musical retells the classic opera La Boheme, only with more homosexuality - and AIDS - in fact more characters have AIDS than don't... It may have created its own cliché, but this is still a great musical and it is set at Christmas, mostly...


Trust Joe Dante to take a horror film premise and make it into a family comedy. Phoebe Cates' "why I hate Christmas" speech has to make this worthy of the title of Alternative Christmas Movie alone.

In Bruges

Yaargh! Here be spoilers... and language a sailor wouldn't use...

A Christmas-set movie that contains 126 uses of the F-word has to go in. Not to mention, it is incredibly dark for a comedy and rather deep for an on-the-run-from-the-mob flick.


Bill Murray does a ruthless, 80s yuppie spin on A Christmas Carol? How can this go so right? Richard Donner, that's how.


A little-known and little-cared-for film that we love. Think a teen spin on Pulp Fiction or Four Rooms, with a stellar, before-they-were-famous cast (Katie Holmes, Sarah Polley, Timothy Olyphant, Scott Wolf, Taye Diggs, Breckin Meyer...), set at Christmas.

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