Halloween Special: 5 People You Want With You Should You Find Yourself In A Horror Movie

Horror movies are a unique genre where the villains are the recurring characters and the heroes are just machete fodder.

Still, it's not all bleak; there are a few ghost-bashing heroes around to help you out if you should be beset by things going bump in the night. Hit the jump to see who you gonna call (no, not the Ghostbusters, we have actual scary monsters to deal with here):

1) Ash
Movie Survival Count: 3
A given. Who else could you want by your side in a horror-movie situation than S-Mart's finest housewares clerk, complete with boomstick and chainsaw hand? Groovy.

2) Alice
Movie Survival Count: 4+
Let alone that Alice is an ass-kicking, super-assassin spy with a heart of gold, she also has extra psychic ass-kicking skills and an army of clone sidekicks. Take that undead.

3) Ripley
Movie Survival Count: 2
First off, if everyone aboard the Nostromo had listened to Ripley about quarantine procedures, there wouldn't have been a problem in the first place; but when there was, Ripley was the only one with the chops to make it out alive. Then, when the going got tough, she took up arms. She may well have died in the third film, but even that couldn't keep her down. A class act.

4) Nancy
Movie Survival Count: 2
Nancy may not have ass-kickery powers or boomsticks, but she takes on an evil, undead, paedophile dream monster armed with little more than a pack of pro-plus, twice.

5) MacReady
Movie Survival Count: 0
Yes, okay, he didn't live to see a sequel, but MacReady is one badass, bearded, weird hat-wearing mother who doesn't take no crap from no chess computer. At least, with MacReady by your side, you'd go down in manly company.


  1. I call shenanigans! Where's Donald Pleasance or Jamie Lee Curtis, both of whom stood up to the demonic Michael Myers in the Halloween series?

  2. I considered both, but they're actually pretty useless, when you think about it...

  3. I spose but more useless than Nancy? Laurie Stroud lasted 4 films! Dr Loomis lasted two and in both cases, they did a reasonable job of saving people around them as well as defeating the bad guy... Nancy just whined while everyone carked it then moaned at Kruger till he left... ;)

    I'm still pissed I'm not in there! Okay I'm not in any film at all, but I'd be a good survivor I'm sure of it ;)

  4. Laurie mainly just screamed and ran away, didn't she? She didn't fight back until H20, when she killed an innocent guy, got stuck in an asylum and then died.

    Did Loomis ever save anyone? He was always a comedy figure to me, constantly warning people who never listened and never able to stop Myers.

    Nancy, on the other hand, avoided getting killed for most of the film, would have saved her boyfriend if he wasn't a knob and then, after escaping, went back into her dream to pull Freddie out and set a series of Home Alone traps that finally killed him (temporarily). Nancy was pretty badass.

  5. And you can be the seventh member of our zombie-slaying crew if you really want...