5 things I want to see in the new Star Trek film

1) The key triumvirate

Of all the elements that worked in the original Trek, it was the trio of Kirk, Spock and McCoy that formed the heart of it. I want to see Chris Pine being a young Kirk. Karl Urban being McCoy and Zach Quinto being Spock, not new characters with the same names, otherwise you might as well be doing an original film (perish the thought).

2) Don't take the p***

Simon Pegg's casting as Scottie has me worried. Yes, he can do serious, but his accent in the trailer appears to place him solidly in the realms of comic relief. True, this is Scottie's traditional place, but I don't want to see Carry On Trek!

3) Fun!

What was so great about the original films, aside from characters you cared about, was the sheer sense of adventure of it all. That space-romp tone, with Kirk womanising and wisecracking his way through perilous situations, is out of vogue at the minute, in the oh-so-serious 21st Century. I think we could all do with a bit of escapism, so Trek fills that void. However, new Trek has that modern, chin-scratching tone. To succeed the film needs to recapture that sense of fun, only make it cool as well.

4) Cool

Conversely, Trek is seen by the masses as the realm of over-weight, middle-aged men who still live with their parents and spend their weekends sticking rice crispies to their foreheads and shouting Qa'pla! If it's going to survive this new incarnation, Trek needs to become cool again. It's never going to be arthouse, but it needs to stay just the right side of geek, and there is still a worrying level of fan-service going on, what with all the time travel.

5) Massive, F*** Off Space Battles

Hell yeah!

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