Incoming: Blood The Last Vampire

When you want to introduce people to the world of anime, there are three films you go to. Yes, Studio Ghibli's works are more convincing and original, but are also a specific sub-genre of the medium, not for first timers. The great triumvirate consists of Akira, Ghost In The Shell and Blood: The Last Vampire.

At only 45 minutes, the piece is an exercise in minimalism and its great strength is its enigmatic plot. You know the protagonist, Saya,who has the appearance of a 15-year-old Japanese girl, is one of "the originals," she can't kill humans, but she hunts demons - who take human form to drink blood - for a clandestine organisation with great influence, but that she also feels sympathy for them; and that's all you know. There's a TV series, and a sequel comic by Benkyo Tamaoki, which expand on the backstory, and much of this is going to be filled in to extend the running time for a new live action film, but I would recommend you watch the anime first, purely for the sheer joy of the mystery.

Whether you do or not, you will still love the tension, horror and action of one of the best animations ever made. The new film, coming to UK cinemas on June 12, can't hope to compete, but I'm still excited, even more so now I've seen the following trailer:

Above all else, you should support this film, because if it is successful, then we may get the rumoured Akira adaptation and James Cameron might get to go ahead with his Ghost In The Shell remake once he's finished Avatar, and with that technology, that would be a whole bucket of fanjaculate.

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