Rant: Tony Jaa, or OMDFG are his legs on fire?

Sit down children, I want to tell you about Tony Jaa...

You've seen Bruce Lee's films, Chuck Norris', JCVD, Jacke Chan, Jason Statham and Jet Li? Well prepare for those films to be ruined for you forever, as nothing you see after a Tony Jaa film will ever be as impressive.

His earliest and greatest film, Ong-Bak, features him: setting his legs on fire and kicking someone with them, kicking someone through a window and landing on top of them at the bottom, blocking a saw blade with his forearms and generally murderlising everyone in his path. Sadly, the follow-up Warrior King wasn't as good, but still worth a watch. Nonetheless, as the sequel to Ong-Bak approaches, I thought I would do my best to indoctrinate you into the cult of Tony Jaa. Watch the following and be converted:

Thanks Adrenaline681 on YouTube for the Ong-Bak mix

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  1. You speak truth, sir! Tony Jaa is like a real life superhero. He does things that defy gravity. I own Ong Bak, Tom-yum-gong (The Protector)and his latest, Ong-Bak 2 (and if you haven't seen this one yet, my God, man it will blow you away). Oh, and if you haven't had a chance to watch "Chocolate" definitely pick it up. It's the muy-thai, girl equivalent of Tony Jaa with some of the same Thai producers. She's no joke. Good post, Neil.