A Mission Statement for this Blog

Hey there all,

I just wanted to set out a little about what this blog is. I haven't really been too specific about what ended up on here in the past, but I intend to focus it a bit more.

Henceforth, this blog is going to be about taking a different angle on movies. Mainly, I'm going to be looking at genre film – scifi, fantasy, horror, superhero films, action, martial arts and so on. This will comprise both low-budget B-movies and blockbusters. However, I'm still going to be rating all the new films and mainstream flicks I end up seeing, as well as a few arthouse bits and pieces, but always with an eye on its entertainment value and intelligence, rather than on its box office.

Basically, I'll be looking at films from the perspective of the average, intelligent person who enjoys cinema, not film students or people who'd rather be out clubbing. This will be aimed at the sort of person who has a few hundred DVDs and is into anime, Steven Siegal and Steve McQueen, but is always on the lookout to expand their collection with something new.

As such, despite my initial desire to be up to date and selective, rather than reporting on every single film I see, I am going to review some older films, bits and pieces that you may have missed or not have heard of. Not to mention, I'll be offering some positive commentary on the latest film news. Overall, I'll be trying to share my knowledge and love of cinema with the world at large; or just the three people who follow this blog.

I hope that sounds appealing to you,



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