Newsflash: Crank 3D!!!!

Well be still my strawberry tart. Chev is back. In. 3. Bleedin’. D.

According to the folks at TheFilmStage, co-writer and director Brian Taylor has made my day by saying they “already have a story for Crank 3”. He then proceeded to deliver the news that had me choking on my Corn Flakes – “I think it will be 3D”.

Well Jesus H. Chelios, it sounds like it’ll take a while (writer/directors Neveldine and Taylor want to make two more movies first) but quite frankly I am more excited about this than Avatar 2!

What will Chevios need to keep him running and breaking heads this time? Cheerios? Gun powder? Human flesh? Whatever the fuel for the mayhem and carnage a 3D Crank is going to be “chicken and broccoli”.

Today's post comes to you from Alan: DVD/Blu-Ray tester/encoder, horror movie lover, video gamer, gym bunny, comic book reader and Joss Whedon completist. He is also a fan of the Stathe and has the best Twitter name ever - @v_for_vienetta

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