Newsflash: Sam Worthington to be Dracula?

Apparently Sam Worthington is set to play Dracula in a new prequel from The Crow's Alex Proyas.

Now, Proyas hasn't done anything good for a while, but I am a fan, and I like Sam Worthington too. He was great in Avatar, the best thing about Terminator: Salvation and will be perfect for the gritty Clash of The Titans remake, however... Dracula?

I mean, let's consider this list: Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, Gary Oldman... and Sam Worthington! Umm, no thanks.

In all fairness this is meant to be an unusual take on the myth, focusing more on the real-life Vlad The Impaler than Stoker's novel, but still!

How's about you? Any better suggestions for a new Dracula? Either comment below or tweet us @dayhwstoodstill

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