Screw The Oscars!

Sorry I didn't manage a Monday Movie this week, but none of our diligent writers went to the cinema this weekend. I went last night, but only managed to see Sherlock Holmes, which has been out for a month. Good though.

As consolation, we instead begin a campaign. Every year, the Oscars are met with a wave of interest from even the most cynical of sources, and what is the result? Disappointment, the films we love always miss out to pieces of intellectual masturbation by tired, old auteurs who should have retired years ago.

Not only do we face this annual humiliation, we also must put up with the yearly round of Oscar-bait. Dull, depressing, worthy garbage about heroic Nazis and historic legends that nobody actually liked.

So this year, we fight back; this year we say: screw the Oscars. We don't need an Academy to tell us what we want to see. To show your support, tweet #screwtheoscars on Twitter or add your feelings to the comments section.

N.B. - This post is not at all brought to you by a couple glasses of cheap Asti, nuh-uh

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