Friday Feature: Matrix Drinking Game Reloaded by @destroytheearth

I've been meaning to introduce some of my patented drinking games into the Friday Feature space, and St Patrick's Day this week gave me the perfect excuse. I try to make sure they not only get you wasted, but also enlighten you on some facts about the film. To get the ball rolling, I'm reposting the article that began the whole concept. The Matrix films are packed full of religious, literary and philosophical symbolism, so let's take advantage of that to down some shots. Ladies and gentleman, the Matrix drinking game:

Spoiler Pirate says: "Yaargh! Here be spoilers!"

Take a drink any time... notice someone putting on or removing sunglasses
Whenever someone is in a position of strength in the films, they put on a pair of sunglasses, covering their eyes. Conversely, whenever someone is vulnerable, they take off, lose or have their sunglasses broken. The eyes are the window to the soul of course, and covering your eyes is said to be spiritual protection... and wearing sunglasses makes you look cool. Of course, the final showdowns between Neo and Smith may send you to casualty, but you'll have fun getting there. (On a sub-note, notice the way that, when Neo chooses between red and blue pills, each pill is reflected separately in Morpheus' sunglasses. This illustrates the different paths open to Neo. However, only in the lens reflecting the red pill is Neo's hand shown reaching for it, implying that is all he would ever choose.) notice a shot that looks like the code lines
When in the Matrix, Neo and the others often notice little visual clues that could be interpreted as their subconscious picking up on the existence of the Matrix. Examples include: the scene where Neo is getting bored being told off by his boss and stares at soap suds streaming down the window; blood streaming down the monitor over the code itself in the sequel; and rain falling down the car's window as Neo is picked up by Trinity.  

...Alice In Wonderland is mentioned or referenced
There are various references to Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland, including the white rabbit, the rabbit hole and calling Neo Alice.

...someone escapes upwards
Buddhists and Hindus strive to escapes the illusion of "Maya" by 'ascending' to a higher level. Echoing this, notice how often the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar get out of hot water by going upwards. is implied Cypher is the Devil
He has a tendency to wear red, his headset forms little horns, he describes himself as The Messenger (a biblical name for the Devil)...

...Zion is mentioned 
Zion is the sanctuary of the Israelites in the Old Testament and also the sanctuary of the humans outside the Matrix.

...there's a glitch in the Matrix
Plenty of times throughout the films, the illusion of the Matrix is shattered, literally. Look at the way the building is damaged when the helicopter crashes into it: that isn't the way a real building would explode; and there are a fair few other 'glitches'. Keep an eye out for them. Include the cat too. notice a group of three or the number 3
Mirroring the whole "Holy Trinity" of Neo, Morpheus and, well, Trinity, the number 3 occurs an awful lot. Three agents, room 303, Cypher kills 3 people (even though he appears to kill a fourth).  

...someone enters or exits the Matrix
Notice how any footage taking place in the Matrix has a green filter, hinting at the green colour of the code underneath. This also ties into St Patrick's Day. have impure thoughts about Monica Belucci
If any woman ever necessitated a stiff drink...

Drink up me hearties, yoho!

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