Friday Feature: #Masterchef inspires The Five Best Movie Chefs by @destroytheearth

I'm sure all of our UK readers will be aware that this Wednesday saw the final of the Masterchef TV series and the crowning of Britain's top amateur chef. In celebration, I present to you, the five best movie chefs:

1) Remy from Ratatouille

Pixar's feel-good hit is all about the underdog; hence the plot, which features a rat becoming one of Paris' top chefs. Nonetheless, that our hero Remy can not only cook in a kitchen that is vastly out of scale to him, but also while acting as puppeteer to a clueless garbage boy by tugging on his hair, shows that his talent cannot be dampened by adversity.

2) Vianne from Chocolat

It is a powerful chick-flick that can gain my respect and it is a master chef who can achieve every woman's dream and snag Johnny Depp with her cooking. Yes, she may only be a chocolatier, but Binoche does make a whole chocolate-based meal, so she qualifies.

3) Chef from South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut

Anyone who can make chocolate, salty balls sound appetising is either a great chef, or a great singer. We may never know the truth of which Chef really was....

4) Casey Ryback from Under Siege

Yes, maybe, Seagal's character's actual cooking isn't the point, but are you going to tell him he's a bad chef? He would kick your smart ass back to the stone age... in a pacifist way....

5) Swedish Chef from The Muppet Movies

"Svedeesh Cheff poots sperm in yuoor bolls! Thet is my secret tu greet food. "

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