Good Friday Feature: 5 Best DVD Easter Eggs by @destroytheearth

I thought long and hard about what to do for this Easter special. I finally narrowed it down to The 5 Best Egg-related Scenes in Films or this; and I got stuck at four on the former. As such, we present a rundown of the best hidden extras on DVD:

1) X-Men - The Spider-man gag

How: Go to the special features menu and highlight 'Theatrical Trailers & TV Spots', then press left to highlight the rose symbol. Press enter.

What: Director Bryan Singer arranged this prank on his cast. The X-men boldly step forward only to realise they have been joined by Spider-man, who mumbles "Oops, wrong movie" and runs off. My favourite part of this is how James Marsden tries to chase him down.

2) Memento - Watching it forwards

How: Wait until the words "Memento Mori" have almost cleared off the screen and the picture of Guy Pearce almost takes up the entire screen, then hit enter.

What: So, you've marvelled at the slowly-unfolding plot and technical mastery of a film whose scenes are shown in reverse order; but once the effect has been achieved, all you want to do is watch it properly to see if it makes sense. The producers must have agreed because you can.

3) Star Wars: various special editions - Gag reel, et al

How: Go to the options menu and type 1138, as in THX1138

What: For the serious thesping that the cast of Star wars need to do in order to get through Lucas' 'unique' dialogue, they sure spent a lot of time arsing about! Performing the above on the various special edition DVDs of the film will grant you anything from a gag reel to a hip-hop Yoda!

4) Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers - Gollum's acceptance speech

How: Highlight Chapter 30 on the chapter select screen, then press down and enter.

What: A clip from the MTV Awards in which Andy Serkis attempts to accept an award for Best Visual Performance on behalf of Gollum, which Gollum does not take very well, leading to a sweary rant.

5) Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within - Thriller

How: Insert the bonus disk and select the 'Highlights' menu, then click up and right to go to a new menu; then hit up, followed by right twice to get to a small frame in the right hand corner; click it.

What: Unusual that, what is considered to be, a complete failure of a movie has perhaps the best Easter Egg of all time: a scene of the cast recreating Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Special thanks to the Easter Egg Archive and for the reminders

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