Newsflash: Joss Whedon to direct/write Avengers by @destroytheearth

It sounded like a crazy, fanwank dream, but this dream has come true. Various internet sources, including Empire magazine, have reported that Joss Whedon, of Buffy The Vampire Slayer fame, is to re-write and direct the upcoming Avengers movie.

Whedon certainly has the superhero chops, with the stand-out glisten he added to the first X-Men film and his fan-favourite run as writer on the X-Men comics. Not to mention, he has shown he can direct big-budget scifi on the silver screen with Serenity. The question is: can he pull off such a show-stopping ensemble piece? Here's hoping, as a good turn here could see Whedon secured in the Marvel stable; and what a wonderful sentence that is.

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