Wednesday Rewind: Metropolis by @danie_gee

When I had first added Metropolis to my instant queue, I was expecting a cheesy Sci-Fi flick from the 70's. What I was not expecting was a silent film from 1927. It was a very pleasant surprise. First off, I watch enough movies from present times to feel that writers have run out of ideas. The amount of unoriginality and sequels in theaters actually annoys me.

Metropolis felt like something I had never seen before, hit the jump to find out why. 

The movie was silent minus the soundtrack, which as a musician was completely awesome. It was like listening to an orchestral piece with the best visual effects of all time. The quality of the images wasn't exactly the highest, but when I finally read the summary I didn't feel that a film from the 20's would still manage to be in the best of blu-ray category.

Even looking past the visual and the musical aspect of the film the storyline was simply fantastic: Freder Frederson, the son of the founder of the future city of Metropolis, Joh Frederson, falls in love with a woman, Maria, who is planning a worker's uprising against the planners of the great city. She is soon kidnapped by mad scientist, Rotwang, who is friends with Joh. Joh then asks that a robotic duplicate of Maria be made to cause chaos and discourse among the workers. The plan succeeds in the sense that the workers begin to riot and basically cause their own homes to be flooded.

I'm pretty new to the silent film era, all things considered, and the acting seemed so far over the top I was impressed. Their expressions held so much more effort behind them, I almost felt emotionally connected to everyone in the film, including the villains. It's a quality films of late seem to lack. If you can, I highly recommend adding this movie to your Netflix instant queue or renting it as soon as you can. It's a treat that everyone can enjoy.

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  1. I love this film. I was lucky to see it in a cinema on a re-release. It kept me glued throughout. Fantastic spectacle. It's nice to see the influence it had on 100's of films that followed. Maria is a fantastic character.