Bank Holiday Monday Movie: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World by @destroytheearth

It arrived as a quirky little trailer carried over geek blogs with the kind of reverence normally reserved for a Christopher Nolan film. Based on an obscure comic, the trailer didn't look like the film could live up to what it promised.

Yet, the geeks kept raving and the hype kept rising, despite Hollywood not having a clue how to market the film. Did it hit the right buttons, or did Scott Pilgrim play all the wrong notes? Hit the jump to find out:

I get why a lot of people will not like this film. It has dramatic ups and downs, but is also very light on plot. The script is a heavily-condensed version of the awesome comic, leaving it with too many sudden tonal shifts and not enough focus on some of the more-extraneous moments. It is also aimed squarely at a specific group of hipster outcasts and completely without mass appeal.

In addition, it also has Michael Cera in the lead role, who is an acquired taste at the best of times, and even his fans will admit is better-suited as a quirkier character rather than as a straightforward hero. Likewise, Edgar Wright is an unusual choice for the film, though it is easy to see why someone who didn't get it thought these two were the only options. Thankfully, Wright did get the comic and made a great adaptation.

Ultimately, Scott Pilgrim has one thing that makes it stand out above every one of this year's films: sheer, unbridled awesomeness.

Here's the test: Scott Pilgrim is about an unemployed, Canadian, high-school graduate who's crashing in his gay best friend's bed while platonically "dating" an under-age girl and spending way too much time rehearsing with his crappy band. Then, he meets the hipster hottie of his dreams, but unfortunately, has to defeat her seven evil ex-partners in Street Fighter-style smack downs before he can commence with wooing her.

If that sounds remotely awesome to you, then you will enjoy this movie.

Actually, better test: if you can understand why it is funny to name a band "Sex Bob-omb", then you will love this movie.

Not that it lacks heart; this is actually a fairly-romantic film that will speak to a sad minority of guys and girls who've grown up in the same kind of place, which, ultimately, is the rub. The film has done poorly at the box office, because pretty much no-one got it. Maybe that's because it's not that great, but I can't see that because this film speaks to me about my youth on so many levels.

Give Scott a shot and maybe he'll speak to you; still, this is a film headed straight for cult status and doesn't have a chance at the box office and that's a real shame, because this is a film made with love, with a lot of heart, awesome special effects and a wicked sense of humour.

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  1. Best review ever.
    Tell it like it is.

    "that's a real shame, because this is a film made with love, with a lot of heart, awesome special effects and a wicked sense of humour."

    Totally agree!