Friday Feature: 5 Hollywood Stars We'd Like To Hire A Hitman To Whack by @destroytheearth

Sometimes, certain people rub you up the wrong way. You can simply ignore those people; however, when they're film stars, they cannot be avoided.

Worst of all, sometimes they turn up in films you want to watch and you have to put up with their gurning for two hours... Unless you kill them... So here's our Kill Bill-style death list. Who's on it? Hit the jump to find out:

1) Anna Faris

One hundred years of feminism has led to a woman who makes a living from pretending to be an irritating bimbo slut on screen; result.

2) Rob Schneider

As I recently commented, Schneider was only ever good as the intentionally-distasteful second in command in the unexpectedly-brilliant Police Academy follow up Down Periscope; and that was only because he was made to walk the plank. Any other film would be better without him.

3) Will Ferrell

I am prepared to dive for cover following the publishing of this statement, but I really despise Will Ferrell. Not only do I dislike him, I dislike every film he has appeared in, simply by association. Even Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. If you agree, please contact me, we can go and hide from the lynch mob together.

4) Mel Gibson

The others on this list are here for their acting; Gibson is here for his personal conduct. Yes, he's acted in and directed some good films, but he also abused a group of police who pulled him over for drunk driving with Nazi-inspired garbage. He apologised just in time to get caught beating his girlfriend. Fail.

5) Renee Zellweger

Aside from her slightly-manic portrayals of every character she plays in every circumstance, aside from her incredibly-annoying voice and the fact that she's just a poor man's Naomi Watts, the reason she must die is how much she complained about having to gain weight to reach the size of THE AVERAGE WOMAN for her role as Bridget Jones. Way to be a role model there, Renee....

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