Monday Movie: Salt by @destroytheearth

Ah, 80s Cold-War action flicks... That combination of action, adventure and a little bit of intrigue. They're sorely missed.

Have no fear, though, Angelina Jolie has decided to bring them back by pretending the Cold War never ended. So, let's all get kitted out, hit the jump and go hunt some double-agent Russkies.

Salt is mad. Well and truly mad. It tries to overcome the non-existence of the Cold War by simply pretending its end was a publicity stunt. Jolie plays a distinctly-pedestrian CIA agent trying to get home to her anniversary dinner when a lunatic Russian walks in and announces to all that she is a Russian sleeper agent planted during the Cold War who is just about to strike.

Jolie surrenders, just a bit freaked out, until she finds herself unable to get hold of her husband. Fearing the worst, she uses this flimsy excuse to go on the run and make this into a chase movie. Of course, it's all a load of barely-rational hokum.

Nonetheless, the film manages to keep you WTFing throughout, as, just when you're completely with Jolie in her plight, you suddenly find apparent proof that she's the spy and it's all a ruse. It does manage to keep you guessing and dodging curve balls right up to the end credits, and there's enough thrills and spills to make it a fun ride, even when you don't have a clue what's going on.

Jolie makes a far more convincing action heroine than she does a romantic lead and she's ably assisted by Liev Schreiber and Chiwetel Ejifor from Serenity. This isn't a film you'll be waiting to come out on DVD with baited breath, but there are far worse ways to spend a Saturday night.

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