Five B-movie Actors Who Deserve A Shot At The Big Time

We love crap acting. As such, we love crap actors. However, just because a film is less than Oscar-worthy does not mean that all the actors in it deserve to reside in the pits of B-movie hell.

As such, let's scroll through our picks of the B-movie crop who deserve to be shipped to the supermarket shelves of Hollywood. Hit the jump to begin the countdown:

1) Lauren Lee Smith

The word you are looking for is: "yum". This Canadian temptress' biggest claim to fame is that she was almost cast in Freddy Vs Jason. Nevertheless, anyone who remembers the TV rip-off of the X-Men spin-off Mutant X, does so for Miss Smith. Not only is she stunning, but she can even *gasp* act. She's so impressive that she came out of Lie With Me, a terrible full-frontal attempt to remake Last Tango In Paris for the 21st century, with her dignity largely intact... not her clothes though.... Now she's in CSI, increasing the flagging show's falling ratings.

2) Mark Dacascos

Jet Li? Who needs him? Particularly when you have Mr Dacascos around. This Hawaiian-born Kung Fu master first caught our attention by taking up Brandon Lee's role as The Crow for a short-lived TV revival and completely carried a lightweight show on his own for half a season before cancellation. Before that, however, he turned up in some truly awesome chock-socky trash, including the excellent Drive, Crying Freeman and even the terrible film version of Double Dragon. His closest brush with the big time was playing Tonto to Samuel Le Bihan's Lone Libertine opposite Monica Bellucci in the brilliant, but unusual, Brotherhood Of The Wolf.

3) Diora Baird

To be frank, we've not seen much of Diora Baird on screen. We became familiar with her when it was incorrectly reported that she had played the Orion Slave Girl in Abrams' Star Trek film; in truth, she was narrowly beaten to the role by Rachel Nichols. However, this led to us following her on Twitter and falling in love with her growing to have tremendous respect for her. This has everything to do with her geeky, self-depreciating charm and nothing to do with the above picture... honest... nor with this one (NSFW)...

4) Karl Urban

From multiple roles in Xena to Pathfinder and Doom, Urban has been a memorable part of many a trashy storyline, but it was only with his impressive turn as the new "Bones" McCoy in Abrams' Star Trek that he finally got noticed. This has led to him being cast in the upcoming Judge Dredd reboot, which will hopefully, finally, get him the credit he deserves.

5) Bruce Campbell

Oh, he of the mighty chin, hero of a million low-budget films; will he ever get the chance to be the lead in a Hollywood blockbuster? By the ghost of Hitchcock, he's certainly put in the hours, and now seems to have given up on the possibility himself. Surely, someone has to see the potential this man has before he gets too old to live up to it? Something that sadly, isn't a long way off....

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  1. Actually Diora Baird was in Star Trek, she played another Orion, but her scene was cut from the final. You can see her scene in the special features.