Halloween Special: The Seven Greatest Horror-Movie Monsters

Good evening ghoul and goblin friends,

In celebration of Halloween, we're presenting the seven greatest horror-film villains from the realm of the B-movie. MWA-HAHAHAAAA!

1) Freddy Krueger

It's not often that you see a paedophile as a villain in a fantasy film, but The Bastard Son Of A Hundred Maniacs is an exception to many rules. He may well be the cheesiest of villains - with corny one-liners and ironic kills - but he is still pretty creepy, at least in the early films.

2) Jason Voorhees

Jason isn't so much a character as a cypher. He's faceless, unstoppable and he wants to kill you; end of.

3) Michael Myers

See Jason, basically. Both even began their killing careers as ghoulish children. Myers, however, is more of a thinking man's monster, so his kills are a little less "inventive". Still, there's nothing scarier than William Shatner...

4) Regan MacNeil

Every parent's worst nightmare is for their child to turn into a tiny terror; and when little Regan hits puberty and her complexion gets ugly, mummy's little girl becomes rude, inappropriate and perversely sexual. Chilling.

5) Leatherface

This inbred, degenerate, mutant freak would be pitiable if he wasn't running around the forest, randomly twirling a chainsaw for kicks. Now that's just unsafe...

6) Pinhead

The literal definition of when S&M goes to far; being ripped apart with chains is neither clever nor fun. Still, Bradley's snarling portrayal is one you can't help but enjoy.

7) Dracula

Not your stereotypical slasher, but Lee is the master and a more menacing version of the dear count has never graced celluloid. If you've never seen the original Hammer Dracula movies, you're missing out on an orgy of blood, boobs and brilliance...

Happy Trick Or Treating Guys!

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