Guy Fawkes' Night Special: The Five Biggest Explosions In Film

Remember, remember the Fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot, I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.

So, let's remember it with a run down of the five biggest and best explosions in film....

1) The Death Star in Star Wars

The original version's destruction was a little weak compared to the finale, which even included debris burning up in the atmosphere of Endor. This was jazzed up even further in the "Special" Edition; one of the few things actually improved in it. Boom!

2) Praxis in Star Trek VI

My uncle used to test his Dolby Surround with this scene, in which a mined-hollow moon explodes, sending a shockwave out across the galaxy and spilling Captain Sulu's tea - disaster! Bang!

3) The White House in Independence Day

Hmm, alien spaceships are hanging ominously over Earth's major cities and making no attempt to communicate; they must be on a mission of peace- Kablooey!

4) Gandalf's Fireworks in Lord Of The Rings

Not really an explosion, but I think fireworks are still in the spirit of things, and they don't get much more awesome than this magical monster. Fwoom!

5) The Houses of Parliament in V For Vendetta

Of course, the piece de resistance, the completion of Mr Fawkes failed scheme by a man in a Guy Fawkes mask; all for a worthy cause, gotta love it. Blammo!

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  1. I'd like respectfully submit the following for consideration...

    1. Hadley's Hope Atmosphere processor - Aliens
    2. Alderaan - Star Wars: A New Hope
    3. Cyberdine Systems Building - Terminator 2
    4. L.A. (in dream sequence) - Terminator 2
    5. The USS Kelvin nosediving into Romulan ship - Star Trek
    6. The Nostromo (a seemingly endless explosion) - Alien
    7. The Earth - Knowing
    8. The Earth (again) - Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy (one of the only good bits about that film)
    9. The Earth - Deep Impact
    10. Various cities around the world - Watchmen
    11. NeoTokyo (twice) - Akira