Star Trek Movies Drinking Game!

Continuing our long-held tradition of drinking games, we felt we could tie it in to our recent run through of all the Star Trek movies.

So, break out that box set and take a drink every time....:

1) Spaceship Porn

...there's a slow, lingering, almost erotic, sweeping pan of the Enterprise.

2) "The good news is: they're not going to prosecute"

...our heroes violate Starfleet regulations to save the day.

3) *Crash zoom* *BAMF face* "Fire"

...the Feds get one over on the villains, put on their best pose, and give the order...

4) "Oooooh s%*t"

...the Enterprise gets blowed up. This happens twice in Generations....

5) ...a good guy dies heroically

The Motion Picture: Ilia/Decker. Wrath of Khan: Scottie's nephew/Spock/Captain Terrell. Search For Spock: David. The Voyage Home: Chekov (temporarily). The Final Frontier: Sybok. The Undiscovered Country: Gorkon. Generations: Picard's family. First Contact: Lt Hawk  Insurrection: Uh... Riker's beard?  Nemesis: Data; Star Trek: George Kirk

Coincidentally, comedian Ed Byrne claims he once met Paul Winfield, who played Terrell, and was told that Terrell died so the white man could live. Awkward......

6) Wessels is made of a character's inability to properly annunciate, or else their lack of human emotion

7) Kirk throws a punch

...the master of martial arts shows Chuck Norris how it's done.

8) Khaaaaaaaaaaaan!!

Khan! sound clip

9) Old Klingon Proverbs

...anyone quotes Shakespeare. Down it if they attribute it to Klingons.

10) "And straight on 'til morning..."

...anyone ends the film with a saccharine speech about adventure *snore*

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