Alexander Siddig

Sudanese/British actor Alexander Siddig is best known for his seven-series role on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but he has gone on to make some crowd-pleasing appearances in a few of our kind of movies.

We cheer every time he appears on screen, so hit the jump and celebrate our first B-Movie Hero:


Born Siddig El Fadil, the actor who would go on to take the stage name Alexander Siddig late in his career, well into his run on Deep Space Nine, shares a joint Sudanese/British nationality. On his British side, he is the nephew of another B-Movie Hero Malcolm McDowell; while, on his Sudanese side, his uncle is former Sudanese Prime Minister, Sadiq Al-Mahdi. Having dated Kim Cattrall, he is now married to DS9 co-star Nana Visitor.

B-Movie Highlights

Reign Of Fire

Widely held as a cult classic, this post-apocalyptic dragon-bashing tale showcased some solid English actors, including Siddig in a tiny role as the sarcastic, disapproving hanger on Ajay. Almost a walk-on part, Siddig steals the show with some choice lines. Case in point: "Forget the bird and use the scope, you wanker ".

Kingdom of Heaven

Siddig's first opportunity to showcase his skills on the big screen saw him take on the real-life, historical role of Chancellor to Arabic leader and scourge of The Crusades, the Sultan Saladin. Siddig doesn't have the largest part, but he has some choice lines and manages to use his charm to make a sympathetic Muslim character in an American film about The Crusades work.


Finally, a Prime Minister that can swing the geek vote. Siddig plays the British Leader in a post-apocalyptic future where Scotland is a quarantine zone for Neil Marshall's de facto remake of Escape From New York. Again, Siddig takes a small role and manages to pull the audience in, keeping his character sympathetic even while making some tough decisions, and ends up with a fist-pump finale. Pure class.

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