Easter Special: 5 Dangerous Movie Eggs

Easter is all about fun and games; but in the world of movies, eggs can be a very dangerous foodstuff.

As proof, check out our list of the five most dangerous movie eggs. Hit the jump:

1) Alien

"Hey, what are these round things? Were the aliens farming some kind of weird crops? Hey, it's opening... OMFG!!! A giant spider-thing is emerging and it's trying to orally rape me!!!"

2) Octopussy

The priceless FabergĂ© Egg McGuffin that leads Bond into this caper is a nifty little piece, perfect for hiding listening devices inside, but both poisonous sea creatures and poisonous femme fatales are after it too, so beware.

3) Monsters Vs Aliens

As egg-shaped, giant, alien, robotic space probes set on destroying the Earth go, this is one seriously p**sed off egg-shaped, giant, alien, robotic space probe set on destroying the Earth.

4) Critters

The epilogue of this all-time classic B-movie leaves us with the knowledge that our blood-thirsty, carnivorous space-hedgehogs from beyond the stars may have been defeated, but they left a little present in the barn of our all-American family's farm, and we don't mean droppings. Fortuitously, they hatch just in time for the sequel...

5) Jurassic Park

If only we'd listened to Jeff Goldblum, aye? In hindsight, of course taking DNA salvaged from a fossilised mosquito and using it to clone a bunch of gender-bending dinosaurs in order to create a prehistoric theme park was going to blow up in our faces! We were such fools!

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