The Six Best Versus Films

It has been a staple of the film industry since Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man. The vs film has a grand tradition in Hollywood and we're here to salute some of its best entries.

However, we couldn't possibly cover all the fantastic vs movies that have been offered up over the years in such a brief article. Instead, we're going to give you a brief cultural tour of a few prime examples of recent B-movies that have attempted to combine two distinct cultural genres of film and produce something original. Hit the jump:

1) Indians vs Vikings

Pathfinder was the first real indication that Karl Urban was a lot more than just a nifty character actor in second-string cult TV shows. Here he plays an orphaned Viking, raised by American Indians, who then becomes the Indians' hero against the pillaging Viking horde when they return, simples. It's a bit surreal and, we're sure, far from historically accurate, but there's some good action and some nice ideas. Cult classic.

2) Vikings vs Cavemen

This is a godawful trailer for The 13th Warrior and totally fails to capture the tone of an excellent film. Banderas is an Arab poet, banished for an indiscretion and sent as ambassador to the West where he teams up with a group of Vikings who are trying to defend their camp against an ancient tribe of mystic warriors. One of the few films that actual improves upon a novel, in this case by the great Michael Crichton, this movie has both brains and brawn and should be part of any collection.

3) Cavemen vs Aliens

A de facto prequel to the original Stargate movie, Emmerich's 10,000 BC takes a similar tone in this story of mammoth-hunting primitive humans embarking on an epic quest across continents to overthrow the alien overlords of Egypt; yeah, you read that right. The film caught a lot of flack on its release and it isn't a classic, let alone up to Stargate's standards, but it's an enjoyable enough romp.

4)  Aliens vs Vikings

Outlander generated a lot of hype before it came out, being sold as Vikings vs Aliens, which it is, but it's more than a dumb action film, being, in fact, an adaptation of Beowulf. Yes, it is distinctly a B-movie, but there is a definite emotional depth, a moral grounding and some very nice special effects. Outlander never manages to gel medieval Earth with its scenes on other worlds, but this isn't a failing, rather an effective contrast, underpinning our alien hero's fish-out-of-water scenario. Not just a fun film, but also genuinely a good film.

5) Cowboys vs Aliens

We can't really guarantee that Cowboys and Aliens will be one of the best vs films, but it takes us nicely back to the start; not to mention, the trailer makes this comic-book adaptation look like it's going to be pretty awesome.