The 5 Best B-movie Wedding Moments

Refreshed from our brief holiday, we now prepare to take another three weeks off for the wedding jubilations of our illustrious leader.


So, to celebrate and see us off, we present the five best wedding moments from B-movies! Hit the jump and throw the bouquet:

We love this movie, but it's not the most monumental wedding ever. Rather, we include this here as, hell, who wouldn't want Sean Connery to turn up at their wedding and say: "I refuse to allow this wedding to go ahead... *pause for effect* ... Unless I can give away the bride!" Oh, come on, you would have a fangasm...

Chris Evans was always the best thing about this series and whilst, again, this is not the greatest of weddings (though the Japanese setting is interesting), this earns a place for the comedy gold of Evans flamethrowering the bouquet before his new girlfriend gets chance to catch it. Men across the globe fistpump the air.

3) Krull

You give fire to water. It will not return, except from the hand of the woman you choose as your wife. She takes fire from water. She gives it only to the man whom she chooses as her husband. You take the fire from her hand and use it to singe the monster's arse. Win.

Poor, poor Ed Helms. He spends much of this zany hit comedy trying to avoid getting in trouble with his bitchy girlfriend, who, despite having cheated on him, has banned him from going anywhere that might have strippers for his friend's stag do. They go to Vegas, naturally, and Ed ends up drunkenly marrying a stripper. Initially, freaking out, he eventually realises just how cool his new wife is and decides he'll come back to see her. Everything is tied up nicely when, turning up just in time for the wedding, Ed gets to publicly berate and dump his girlfriend for being a cow. Go Ed, go Ed, it's your birthday, it's your birthday...

Perhaps the defining moment of this post-modern fairy tale is the wonderful double bluff where Peter Falk declares our heroine has married the evil Chris Sarandon and our hero has lost, argues the toss with Fred Savage, then reveals it was a foreshadowing dream. Got ya.

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