5 More Console Games That Would Make Great B-Movies

Around this time last year, we presented a list of five video games that we thought would make fantastic B-Movies.

We've been playing a certain space-opera sequel a lot this week, so thought it was a great time for a follow-up! Hit the jump to see what we picked:

1) Red Dead Redemption

Plot: A mysterious stranger rolls into a small town in the middle of the Old West. His mission: to track down and kill the remaining members of his old outlaw gang to protect his family from corrupt Federal Agents who are blackmailing him into doing their dirty work for them. His quest takes him all the way to Mexico and back. It's a cracking tale with a mind-shattering ending.
Director: We loved Sam Raimi's The Quick and The Dead and think he could give this adaptation the right balance of fun and pathos.
Casting: Protagonist John Marsden was based on Clint Eastwood, but Mr Eastwood is a bit too old for this role nowadays. Brad Pitt has been suggested, but we'd love to see Hugh Jackman as another hard-as-nails loner.

2) Portal

Plot: A woman wakes up in a room in a secret testing facility controlled by a friendly-sounding, menacing-acting AI computer who promises a party with cake if she can complete a series of deadly puzzles using a device that can create a portal between any two points she can fire the device at. The plot requires some padding out, but the above fan film shows just how much potential the story has.
Director: Go with what works, let's stick with the fan film's director Dan Trachtenberg.
Casting: Our lead here will have to convey all the terror of the situation with no-one to play off but a blinking light. Our money's on Claudia Black.

3) Assassin's Creed

Plot: Desmond, a member of a secret order of assassins who strive to kill dangerous men before they rise to power, is kidnapped by a mysterious order and sealed in a lab. There, a scientist uses a mysterious device to access the memories of his ancestors, making Desmond relive the adventures of Altair, an Arab assassin during the crusades, in the hope of discovering the secret of a hidden treasure. This multi-stranded plotline already offers sequels featuring another of Desmond's ancestors, Ezio, who lived during the Renaissance.
Director: A dark hero operating beyond the law; scifi concepts; multi-stranded dream realities; jumping back and forth in time? It can only be Christopher Nolan.
Casting: Both Altaire and Desmond's roles could be ably filled by Alexander Siddig, but he doesn't quite have the action chops. As an outside choice, we'd like to see True Blood's werewolf Joe Manganiello in the role. Elsewhere, Kristin Bell starred in the game and could be counted on to reprise her character

4) Duke Nukem

Plot: The galaxy's greatest hero, Duke Nukem kicks alien invader ass across the globe, parodying 80s action heroes and famous scifi movies along the way. This cheesetastic, sex-obsessed, action-comedy fest could make for a rollicking B-movie.
Director: We need someone who can bring the action and the comedy, but not take this in any way seriously; we need... Robert Rodriguez.
Casting: Blonde Dwayne Johnson, anyone?

5) Mass Effect

Plot: Mass Effect has been described as Star Wars for the gamer generation and few other media franchises are so elaborately thought out. Every piece of technology and every alien race has a unique back story. Imagine the detailed universe of Star Trek with Star Wars' sense of fun, the gunplay of Aliens and the smuttiness of an HBO miniseries; we need this movie!
Director: Space marines and smut, could Paul Verhoeven fit the bill? Too much of a risk we think. No, this is a job for JJ Abrams.
Casting: The beauty of the game is that you can make your character look however you want, male or female, so anyone could play galactic badass Commander Shepard. Personally, we'd like to see Karl Urban take up the N7 armour.

On a side note, Gort-fans, there won't be a post next week as it is our illustrious leader's birthday and he'll be taking a well-deserved break. We'll catch you on the other side. Don't forget about us!

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