B-Movie classics - Ti-i-i-ime is not on Denzel Washington's side, no it ain't

In the third and final of our "and, suddenly, supernatural apocalypse" series, we're looking at the spooky supernatural thriller Fallen.

Can Denzel Washington outsmart a millennia-old, body-hopping demon? Hit the jump to find out:

Yaargh! Here be spoilers!

Good old Denzel is a cop famous for busting notorious serial killer Elias 'the fifth turtle' Koteas, who has a propensity to sing that old Stones tune Time Is On My Side. However, when Koteas is put to death, the crimes don't stop and all manner of random people are singing Time Is On My Side to Denzel wherever he goes.

Denzel starts investigating this and tracks down the new killer; and then, suddenly, DEMON APOCALYPSE!!! Well, no, not quite, actually. Our killer is actually the fallen angel Azazel, who can possess living human bodies, taking them over and controlling their actions. Poor old Elias was just a pawn for the demon, who has been pulling this trick for thousands of years. However, his plan is not world domination, he just wants to carry on having some good, old demon fun; namely, killing innocent people.

So what's Denzel to do? Randomly slaughter innocent people only to see Azazel hop to someone else? Let Azazel possess his family members and friends and have them kill each other off? Try to convince his superiors that there's an evil demon on the loose? Nothing sounds appealing.

Unfortunately, the writers find themselves in the same conundrum as Denzel. It's hard to argue that the set up is brilliant, but the pay off really doesn't do it justice, nor does it really twist the knife in terms of what hellish tortures Azazel could whip up for Denzel. Still, the look on Denzel's face as he watches the Stones tune pass from lips to lips as commuters brush past each other on a busy street is not one you'll forget in a hurry.

So, a missed opportunity, but still worth catching if you've never seen it. Denzel may be appearing to say, "hey, I have my Oscar, all I have to do is turn up", but there's a solid cast otherwise, with John Goodman, Donald Sutherland and James Gandolfini in there as well and, whilst firmly in B-movie territory, it has some nice moments and is definitely of interest.

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