Gavin Johnson

Gavin Johnson was a mild-mannered cartoonist working on his web comic, Meet The Newmans. For the comic, he once drew a poster spoofing The Day The Earth Stood Still. He chuckled to himself and went to bed.

In the night, he was awoken by a crashing sound. He sprang out of bed to find Gort standing in the remains of his bedroom.

"You are the cartoonist who drew this picture, are you not?" he said, holding up a copy of the poster he had printed off from Gavin's website.

"Y-y-y-yes..." Gav stuttered, fully expecting to be disintegrated.

Without pause, Gort walked to Gavin's bed, laid down and muttered: "Draw me like one of your French girls."

After that, Gav began designing banners for the blog.

Meet The Newmans is soon to be made into an animated pilot, so watch out for it!