My take on Deadpool's treatment in Wolverine *Warning Spoilers!*

*Spoiler Pirate says “Yargh! Here be spoilers!”*

You may have realised by now, that our hopes of a screen Deadpool have been bent over, trousers pulled down, and well and truly shafted by his appearance in Wolverine. Or have they?

Yes, he was beheaded; but don't be naïve, this is comics! An alternate, post-credits sequence showed his arm clawing to recover his lost head in typical DP fashion and his sealed mouth burned open. The main problem is how he was displayed in the film.

The comics origin of DP sees Wade Wilson, the world's greatest assassin, develop skin cancer and volunteer for a Weapon X experiment to give him Wolverine's healing abilities and cure himself. However, the experiment went wrong, granting him Wolvie's immortality, but also covering his body in tumours and driving him stark raving barmy, which also gave him the knowledge that he was a comic-book character. In the comics, he frequently speaks to the reader or talks about issue sales, not to mention having a Spirit-style relationship with Death itself.

This zaniness wasn't exactly present and accounted for in the film, nonetheless, DP was meant to have been pushed over the edge by his transformation, while being only a mild smart-ass beforehand. The biggest problem was his lack of cancer. The rock-and-a-hard place choice between immortality as a freak and certain death was what made the merc-with-a-mouth more than just a comedy villain. The film gave us no reason why Wilson volunteered for the experiment, however, a flashback in a DP spin-off could restore cancer as the purpose of his transformation.

Similarly, DP was never meant to have the powers of various other mutants, just Wolverine's healing. Of course, he may lose all but the latter in breaking free of Stryker's control, but surely that's a cop-out. On the other hand, I recently spoke to someone who pointed out that Deadpool can teleport anyway, so having Wraith's power would just save the need to explain a teleportation belt. However, you can't say the same for his Cyclops eye blasts or having his trademark katanas implanted into his arms.

Ultimately, we're just going to have to accept that the DP we get on screen will not be the one we wanted. Still, it could still work in a fashion. Let's just hope it can be sufficiently recovered by a director who is passionate about the character, rather than just a Wolverine fan who is filling out a cast list.

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