Feature: The five best world leaders in cinema!

All too often, real life is a disappointment. Look at our nations' leaders: Obama arrived as a saviour and hasn't really done much of anything since, while Gordon Brown is the very definition of traditionally-British morbid despair. So, with Brown thankfully on the way out, who do we look to for a replacement? David "sell his own mother for a figroll" Cameron? No, we look to the medium of film, where all of life's answers, and all the best world leaders, can be found. So here's my all-time top five best Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens from cinematic history. (Thanks @channel4film for the RT, and numerous Twittterers for the suggestions)

1 - Harrison Ford in Air Force One

Overwhelming Twitter support for this one; apparently being able to kick Gary Oldman's arse is a positive political statement. Though, let's admit, who wouldn't be impressed by President Marshall? This is a man who almost single-handedly takes out a terrorist team, refusing to negotiate with them until they have a gun pointed at his daughter's head. George Bush may have based his War On Terror on Ford's stance in the film, but you suspect he would have pissed his pants at the first sign of trouble if he were in the same situation. This is the kind of President you want!

2 - Bill Pullman in Independence Day

Okay, Independence Day may be the cheesiest film ever made, and Pullman's character may be the primary cheese merchant; yes, his rousing speech is exactly the kind of thing Americans think is PC - trying to be tolerant whilst actually being enormously jingoistic - but that never stopped Captain Kirk from being cool, and it doesn't stop Pres Whitmore! You can scoff, but I challenge anyone not to get goosebumps as that finally fist-in-the-air moment arrives.

Besides, this is a President who thinks the press mocking him is funny; one who punches his Secretary of Defence instead of praising him as his dark master; and best of all, one who jumps into a fighter plane and leads the charge against the bad guys instead of sipping sherry and throwing darts at a map of the Middle East!

3 - Hugh Grant in Love Actually

Whilst thoroughly British, Grant's speech in Love Actually is every bit as stirring; especially since it forms such a redemption. For most of the film, the Prime Minister is a smarmy, cow-towing wimp, sucking up to Billy-Bob Thornton's US President, in such a similar way to Tony Blair that it makes you embarrassed to be English. But when Thornton makes a pass at Hugh's intended, he suddenly strikes back and says all the things you wish a Prime Minister would, beautiful. Then how does he celebrate? With an awesomely geeky dance to Jump by The Pointer Sisters, as dedicated to him by Jo Wiley. What more could you want from your country's leader?

(Please note, I intended to include video of both speech and dance, but the YouTube nazis have prevented that. You can view each here: and here:

4 - Natalie Portman in Star Wars

What if Margaret Thatcher had used her powers for good? And had also been extremely sexy? Well, then we'd have had a leader somewhat like Queen Amidala from the Star Wars prequels. She's well-spoken, humanist-minded, feisty and handy with a blaster rifle; not to mention able to recover instantly after falling from great heights onto sand. Dash those who call her annoying, you'd cheer the economy going kaput if it was announced by Natalie Portman and you know it.

5 - Optimus Prime(minister) in Transformers

Okay, so he's not a king or a politician, but he does lead the Autobot nation. He's also the greatest money-saving asset a country can have for a leader in these recession-hit times. Not only does he not grow old, he's also died and come back twice, which will really save on the need for expensive elections. In addition, no more need for presidential limos, he can drive himself! If you need any more convincing, may I point out GIANT ROBOT!! Just imagine it: "What's that you were saying about English food, Mr Sarkozy?" SQUISH!!

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