Rant: Has the Green Lantern killed Deadpool? @ToplessRobot thinks so...

Firstly, sorry for the lack of updates this week. Having been made redundant I've just managed to land a muggle job and things have been a bit frantic.

However, that did not prevent me from noticing the gargantuan news this morning that Ryan Reynolds has landed the role of Hal Jordan in the upcoming Green Lantern film.

The general consensus, mainly spearheaded by, is that this will put an end to the Deadpool film. I hugely disagree for three reasons:

1) Reynolds has ingratiated himself with me, even more than he had done by being funny, in revealing himself to be a massive comic-book geek who loves Deadpool (see earlier posts). He's been gushing about it for months, why would he suddenly jump ship? I don't get the feeling he would have done this at the expense of Deadpool.

2) ToplessRobot assumes that Green Lantern will become a huge franchise as he believes him to be a more-popular character. I disagree. Whilst there is little doubt that Lantern pulls bigger sales, Deadpool has a hardcore following and, above all else, is a Marvel character tied in to a successful franchise and has already appeared on screen. Green Lantern is relatively unheard of outside the USA and even in the States he doesn't have the reputation of Batman or Spider-man. I think it's pretty equal footing, only Deadpool has huge potential for the screen, being hilarious, while Green Lantern is a bit complicated and old-fashioned for a mainstream audience who just really want the giggles and the thrills.

3) If Bale can be Batman, John Connor and still do his indie films, why can't Reynolds be Deadpool and Lantern?

So ignore the naysayers, I beseech you, and let's get excited about the potential of two, big-budget superhero blockbusters starring a great actor.

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