Friday Feature: Five Magnificent Movie Motorobikes by @destroytheearth

Following on from our run down of the best pimped-out cars in movies, we present a list of wicked choppers from the silver screen.

Of course, we have far fewer options for hi-tech, upgraded, bikes (alas, that Streethawk movie has yet to materialise), so, instead, I present five magical, maxed-out or just plain "mummy, I want one" motorcycles. Hit the jump to see them.

1) Trinity's Ducati

The quintessential biker chick needs the quintessential bike. Ducatis are beloved of everyone from Blade (see below) to Ewan McGregor... and me... Look at those sleek curves, the bare basics look, it is a thing of beauty.

2) Ghost Rider's Custom Harley

You may not like the film (why would you?), but you gotta love a bike that you can ride up the side of buildings, underwater and, hey, it's on fire!

3) Wolverine's Harley

For the quintessential biker dude, you need the quintessential bike, but this guy is more of an old-school redneck gearhead, so you need an old-school classic. What else could it be but a Harley-Davidson? Whether it's the turbo-boosted, Fluke-soundtracked bike he stole from Cyclops, or the one he stole from some old dude, this is the choice of the discerned superhero.

4) Imperial Speeder Bike

It flies, it goes 200mph, it has laser cannons mounted on the front. So what if the slightest knock results in you becoming a giant flaming ball of death? Who are you to say no?

5) Blade's Ducati

Men, eh? Some mysterious dude comes along, seduces you away from your rider and even uses you as an original device of torture, all while making kissy faces at his own big-ass car. Pfft!

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