Monday Movie: Brooklyn's Finest by @destroytheearth

Nine years after Antoine Fuqua set the world alight with Training Day, Brooklyn's Finest sees him return to the gritty-cop genre with old favourite Ethan Hawke, as well as Richard Gere, Don Cheadle and Wesley Snipes in tow. Can lightening strike twice? Hit the jump to find out.

The film is another oh-so-deep day in the life of a New York cop, only this time, we get a portmanteau structure as three very different cops spiral towards one final night that will see their undoing, one way or another. Hawke's family man is tempted to steal drug money to feed his family; Cheadle is an undercover narc who can feel himself beginning to cross the line and wants out yesterday, but has one final bust before he gets that desk job; and Gere is one week from retirement and just too tired to care any more.

All three are chewed up and spat out by an uncaring system that has abused their dedication, leaving them with the choice of sticking to their morals or taking what they can get; but beyond this, there is a profound lack of focus in the plotting. The only message seems to be: "do the right thing no matter what life throws at you or you'll get worse", and nothing else seems to link the three stories aside from location.

Of course, given the quality of the talent, the performances are spectacular and Fuqua knows his art backwards and forwards, seasoning the film with clever angles; but the overall feeling you are left with is: "and...?"

You'll enjoy Brooklyn's Finest, but it's not a film you'll be running to the shops for when it comes out on DVD.

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