So Long And Thanks For All The Films (Not really, we'll be back in a week...)

That's right, as mentioned, we're taking a week off while I take the missus to Paris, so no more posts until the 14th. Have no fear, *puts on best Governator voice* we'll be back!

I'll be back sound bite

In the meantime, you guys should really check out our own @cartoonbeardy's The Black Dog podcast for it is awesome sauce.

This week Lee and @blighty01 are taking a retrospective, and comical, look at Wrath of Khan.

Say it with me:

Khan! sound bite

Anyway, you can download The Black Dog from iTunes or by visiting their feed on GeekPlanet.

As to us, we leave you to enjoy Hiphop Yoda one more time to keep you smiling until we return next week:

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