Friday Feature: The 5 Worst Examples Of Product Placement In Cinema History by @destroytheearth

Product placement is not necessarily a bad thing. If a scene calls for a character to drink a soft drink, why not have it be a Coke? It's more realistic than having it as "Zed Cola" or something and Coke may well pay you enough to add a whole load more effects to the film that you couldn't afford to otherwise.

However, some films just go too far; some examples leave you feeling a little bit nauseous. Hit the jump to read about the five worst offenders:

1) I, Robot

This film is legendary for all the wrong reasons. In itself, it's not that bad a scifi romp, but the pretence of our futuristic cop hero fitting his flat out with products that had just gone on the market at the time of the film's release was a step too far. Let alone when he insisted on waxing lyrical about their fabulousness.

2) Cast Away

As I said initially, it's not so bad to include real companies when needed, but did we really even need to know what company it was Mr Hanks worked for? Was "a courier" not enough? Still, the problem here is not the use of the name, but the fact that the company's logo is plastered over at least one item in almost every scene.

3) Back To The Future: Part II

Yes, a generation hence, we'll all be travelling in flying cars, using hoverboards and have auto-drying clothes, but we'll still take comfort in being able to order a good old-fashioned Pepsi.

4) Blade: Trinity

It's rather surprising that Jessica Biel's vamp hunter is as fearsome as she is, given that she'd be easy to sneak up on, what with her blasting dance music from her iPod throughout any battles she engages in. Not to mention that she spends all of her prep time creating playlists on her Apple laptop through Apple iTunes, to play on her Apple iPod, did I mention? Even a trademark Ryan Reynolds improvised quip can't stifle the audience's groans.

5) Star Trek

Again, product placement is all about comfort, and we take comfort in knowing that, even in the year 2240, you can still buy a Nokia car phone that will play the Nokia ringtone... while you listen to the Beastie Boys...