A request for help from your favourite film blog

Hey there, Gort fans,

We're taking a little hiatus next week for my birthday, but before we go, we're considering some big changes for the blog in the upcoming months and we want your opinions on them!

What do you like about the blog? What don't you like?

How do you read it: Blog readers, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, the actual site?

Do we post too much or not enough? Are you more interested in new reviews, old movies or features? Do you want articles or do you prefer lists?

Do you like seeing lots of contribs? Or do you have a favourite you want to see more of?

What do you think of Spoiler Pirate? Do you like the contrib bios?

Any feedback you can offer is welcome, simply post below or, if you prefer, email us at

Thanks for the help guys, and keep reading!



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