And The Winner Is.....

Last week, we announced that three lucky Gort-fans were going to win a goodie bag from Stella Artois to celebrate the Cannes Film Festival.

The three winning entrants are set to see their suggestion for a future DayHWStoodStill article in print as well as win:
  • 2 bottles of Stella
  • A Stella-branded chalice
  • A favourite DVD of fictional King of Cannes, Jacque D'Azur

Hit the jump to find out if you're in for some free booze!

The winning entrants are:

A Stella Artois Cannes goodie bag will be winging its way to each of you shortly!

Thanks to everyone who entered, we're sorry you couldn't all win, and thanks to Stella for the goodie bags!


  1. My luck must be changing "YESSSSSSS...!!!!!"
    Thank You ;)