Monday Movie: I Love You, Philip Morris by @destroytheearth

Biopics are funny things. They can be sad, funny, romantic, inspiring, thought-provoking, shocking and just plain weird; all of which can be said of I Love You, Philip Morris. However, all biopics fall into two categories: the factual and the fictionalised. Philip Morris is the former, at least in spirit - you couldn't make this up - and that, inherently, is the problem.

Whilst zany and manic, the film is merely a retelling of the true-life story of the heroic, gay, Texan con man Steven Russell. It is an incredible story, with a ready-made cause attached. Every one of Russell's inventive, courageous lies are simply designed to escape his mediocre, tragic life and live out his dreams with his beloved Philip.

However, this doesn't have the careful plotting of a well-crafted film. The story is all over the place, rushing by fascinating events you want to hear more about and lingering on repetitious scenes that are less interesting, but crucial to the plot; like life. We go to the cinema to escape reality, not live it. The film comes across like an intellectual exercise, as if you're reading a brilliant magazine article; as such, it's easy to like, but hard to love.

Still, that is rather the point and the craft put into this purely-artistic picture is staggering. Everyone is talking about the fabulous double act of Carrey and McGregor; and they do not disappoint. Elsewhere, it is a film that you will laugh at, cry at and be utterly swept up by; then instantly forget. Though I think the story of Steven Russell himself with stay with you far longer than this adaptation will.

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  1. I think Jim Carrey (like his cousin Mariah, hehe) is shaping up to be a fine, but underrated actor; this is quite a brave role to take on, and I like his versatility and willingness to take risks.

    This is on my to-see list - after A Single Man.