"WASPs" versus Japanese soldiers versus pterodactyls? Yes please!

Yet, is this Scifi Channel original TV movie more than just high concept trash? Hit the jump to find out:

New Green Lantern Film May Be Best Comics Movie Trailer Ever - Official

This new trailer for Green Lantern has made us more excited about this movie than Captain America and that is saying something. Could we, for once, actually get a comic-book movie that is like the comics?

Thanks to Topless Robot (Are you a geek? Then why are you not reading this blog!) for the link.

The King of Cannes

Further to our Cannes competition, here's the trailer for the film Stella Artois have commissioned to star their competition winner:

Iron Hero

Aaaah, folks, many films contend for the title of worst movie ever, but few can compete with the absolute ridiculousness of Iron Hero; and it's not even by The Asylum.

Care to know more? Hit the jump, if you dare:

And The Winner Is.....

Last week, we announced that three lucky Gort-fans were going to win a goodie bag from Stella Artois to celebrate the Cannes Film Festival.

The three winning entrants are set to see their suggestion for a future DayHWStoodStill article in print as well as win:
  • 2 bottles of Stella
  • A Stella-branded chalice
  • A favourite DVD of fictional King of Cannes, Jacque D'Azur

Hit the jump to find out if you're in for some free booze!

The Rambo Saga

He was the original action hero; the first grizzled vet to come up against evil warlords home and abroad; the father of a thousand clich├ęs; but, do the films hold up compared to their descendants? Is Rambo still the biggest badass in movie history?

There's only one way to find out; cue the music and hit the jump:

Win a Slice of Cannes Luxury Courtesy of Stella Artois!

Today sees the opening of the world-renowned Cannes Film Festival. Few of us will have chance to actually go, but a small group of fortunates may get just a taste of the glamour of the festival courtesy of sponsor Stella Artois beer.

One such lucky soul is Gustavo Alvare from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who was chosen from thousands of online auditions to become the new King of Cannes and star in a fictional biopic of his reputed predecessor Jacque D'Azur!

However, you too can have a sample of Cannes luxury thanks to our friends at Stella.

Three lucky Gort-fans can win a Stella Artois gift pack containing:

  • 2 bottles of Stella
  • A Stella-branded chalice
  • A favourite DVD of Jacque D'Azur

To win this fantastic prize, all you have to do is come up with a great idea for a future The Day Hollywood Stood Still article. It can be a B-Movie Classic or Hero, a Drinking Game, a Listomania or Showdown, or even a brand new feature!

Send your suggestions, along with your date of birth, UK address and postcode to, Our three favourites will find a prize pack winging its way to them!

Yaargh! Ye landlubbers must be over 18 and have a UK address to be eligible for the competition! Entries must be received by Tuesday 16th o' May! Late entries will be told to the parrot, but won't win you any grog!

May The 4th Be With You!

We recently posted this video of a pragmatic, enterprising little Sith girl, being very reasonable with the dark side. Yet, for Star Wars Day, we thought we'd restore some of your faith in the youth of today, by showing another little girl's slightly-different reaction to the same set up, enjoy:

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone!