In Memoriam: Spoiler Pirate

We gather here today to pay tribute to our dear, departed friend Spoiler Pirate.

Tucker and Dale vs the evils of redneck prejudice

When you sit down to watch Deliverance, The Hills Have Eyes or Wrong Turn, spare a thought for the poor, unfortunate hillbillies maligned in such movies.

Tucker and Dale vs Evil tries to redress the balance by casting the rednecks as the innocent victims. Do our hapless heroes succeed in defending their home from hordes of rabid townies? Hit the jump to find out:

Who the hell is Oscar?

There comes a time in the life of every action-film star when they say to themselves: "I'm getting too old for this, it's time to do a comedy."

For Sylvester Stallone, that time was 1991, and that comedy was the John Landis gangster farce Oscar. Why should you care? Hit the jump to find out: