Jack Falls review

Just out on DVD, the final part of the first ever British film trilogy, black and white and colourised independent flick Jack Falls boasts a winning, home-grown cast. Still, it has a lot to compete with from across the pond.

Is this just a Sin City rip off or is there a splash of colour amongst the greyscale. Hit the jump to find out:

Thor review

The Merry Marvel Marching Movie Franchise thunders on apace, with its latest instalment in the run up to the superhero bonanza that will be The Avengers being Thor, the story of the Viking thunder god descended to save us from mystical threats.

Will this Kenneth Branagh-helmed franchise spawner derail Marvel's track of success? Hit the jump to find out:

Easter Special: 5 Dangerous Movie Eggs

Easter is all about fun and games; but in the world of movies, eggs can be a very dangerous foodstuff.

As proof, check out our list of the five most dangerous movie eggs. Hit the jump:

Source Code review

Duncan Jones' first offering was an innovative, identity piece that crossed genres. His new film, however, seems to be just an action-packed Hollywood rerun of La Jetee, along the lines of Deja Vu.

Is this Hollywood dumbing down or is there more to Source Code? Our guest reviewer, Hypnogoria's Jim Moon finds out after the jump:

The Six Best Versus Films

It has been a staple of the film industry since Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man. The vs film has a grand tradition in Hollywood and we're here to salute some of its best entries.

However, we couldn't possibly cover all the fantastic vs movies that have been offered up over the years in such a brief article. Instead, we're going to give you a brief cultural tour of a few prime examples of recent B-movies that have attempted to combine two distinct cultural genres of film and produce something original. Hit the jump:

Children nowadays, honestly....

You may well have seen this elsewhere online, but if not, you need to revel in the sheer pragmatic sense of this little girl taking part in the Jedi Academy experience at Disney World:

Lets be frank, if you had the choice of fighting Darth Vader or joining the dark side, what would you do? Little girl, we salute you.

Gort vs Samurai Schoolgirls: We love Sucker Punch

So Zack Snyder has released his first original film to huge box office and terrible reviews.

Question is: Is it any good? Hit the jump to find out:

Jordan cast in Sin City 2

The ball has apparently started rolling again on the long-awaited Sin City sequel, but you'll probably wish it hadn't.

The word on the net this morning is that Rodriguez has apparently become fascinated by an episode of Katie Price's new reality TV show while on a press tour of the UK and has decided to cast her as Ava Lord in next year's sequel.

This is, of course, completely untrue as it is April Fool's Day. Got you.