Friday Feature: NSFW! The 10 Hottest Scenes in Film History by @destroytheearth

I've argued before that sexiness is a part of great cinema, and if there is one thing that will get people talking it is those particular scenes in those most infamous of films. It may well be just an excuse to get porn up on a big screen, but a well-shot sex scene from Roeg or Cronenberg can get you going more than the filthiest of Gonzo porn and even the most prudish of people will remember an artful sex scene long after they've forgotten the most intriguing of angles. As such, this week's Friday Feature is dedicated to those sections of your DVDs that start to skip with wear from over pausing. We present the ten hottest scenes in film history:

Wednesday Rewind: Paris Is Burning by @Chinablue79

This lively, funky documentary charts the lives of poor, black, gay and transgendered men in mid-80s New York. So far, so worthy, you might think, but you couldn't be further from the truth. I’ve yet to see any film, fictional or factual, that had such a palpable sense of joie de vivre in the face of unforgiving circumstances as Paris Is Burning.

Monday Movie: It's A Wonderful Afterlife by @destroytheearth

It is always applaudable when ethnic minorities are addressed; particularly when it is the minority group themselves doing the addressing. However, good intentions cannot disguise the multitude of sins that It's A Wonderful Afterlife unleashes on the screen.

Friday Feature: 10 Pimped-out Movie Cars You Want To Own by @destroytheearth

I'm sure you'll be expecting me to whiffle on about Steve McQueen's Mustang for a few hundred words. As much as I could, that would be rather pedestrian. No, films are about fiction and fantasy, so it is far more fun to consider the cars you cannot ever have because they exist only in a fevered imagination and a flurry of visual effects. What follows is a list of ten desirable cars that exist only in films, using reality as little more than a template upon which to build the ultimate pimped-out ride.

So, without further ado, cue the music....

Top Gear sound bite

Wednesday Rewind: Shooter by @destroytheearth

What is the appeal behind snipers? We don't get computer games about military engineers or films about explosives experts... well, aside from The Specialist...

Still, we love snipers; maybe it's that little victory when a hidden, silent and disciplined soldier fires that single shot that ruins all the bad guys' plans: a plot technique used in abundance during Shooter.

Monday Movie: Whip It! by @Satanspuppet

Drew Barrymore in the directors chair? For the first time? You wouldn't think it while watching this film. Yes, there may be some shots that could have been done better, but it's a well-crafted film that brings together an amazing cast and keeps a wholeness that is part movie cliché and part tingly magic.

Newsflash: Joss Whedon to direct/write Avengers by @destroytheearth

It sounded like a crazy, fanwank dream, but this dream has come true. Various internet sources, including Empire magazine, have reported that Joss Whedon, of Buffy The Vampire Slayer fame, is to re-write and direct the upcoming Avengers movie.

Monday Movie: How To Train Your Dragon by @destroytheearth

Kids' films really are where it's at, aren't they? Hollywood has failed to come up with much for adults lately, raiding panel to panel from comics for inspiration. Meanwhile, kids' films are going from strength to strength: G-Force taught Jerry Bruckheimer how to make good action films again; Harry Potter continues to make more money than all the other franchises combined; and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs was a revelation. Next up, How To Train Your Dragon shows Clash Of The Titans how it's done.

Friday Feature: #Masterchef inspires The Five Best Movie Chefs by @destroytheearth

I'm sure all of our UK readers will be aware that this Wednesday saw the final of the Masterchef TV series and the crowning of Britain's top amateur chef. In celebration, I present to you, the five best movie chefs:

You May Have Missed: House Of The Devil by @lexx2099

Remember the 1980’s? They were well skill weren’t they? With your high-top trainers and body warmer you were probably pretty cool as you skateboarded down to the awesome new multi-screen cinema that opened in your town, hoping you could scope out some well-wicked flicks and maybe score with some bodacious babes along the way.

So, you pay your £1.50 entrance fee and find that Tim Burton’s Batman is playing on seven screens, and Back to the Future 2 is on the remaining six – woah; totally heinous dude! How’s a hard-core gorehound like you going to get his grue-filled kicks when every decent horror movie has been banned by Maggie Thatcher: Milk Snatcher?!

Easter Monday Movie: Clash Of The Titans by @destroytheearth

So, another week, another unnecessarily three-dimensional event movie.

We all knew full-well from the outset that this remake of the Greek myth-plagiarising epic would pale in comparison to the timeless original, so it leaves the effects to outstrip Harryhausen and make this all worthwhile; fat chance.

Weekend treat: Hip-hop Yoda

I felt guilty for not including this in yesterday's post, so without further adieu, I present, Hip-hop Yoda:

Good Friday Feature: 5 Best DVD Easter Eggs by @destroytheearth

I thought long and hard about what to do for this Easter special. I finally narrowed it down to The 5 Best Egg-related Scenes in Films or this; and I got stuck at four on the former. As such, we present a rundown of the best hidden extras on DVD:

Newsflash: Marvel confirms Zac Efron to be new Spider-man

Hot on the heels of the news that Chris Evans is to play Captain America in the upcoming film, Marvel have confirmed rumours that Zac Efron is to replace Tobey Maguire in the next offering in the Spider-man franchise. A director has yet to be announced.